Monday, 9 June 2008

7th-20th July - Heather tufferty

7th-20th July

Heather tufferty

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23th June-6th July Darja Abdirova and NikaKupyrova “Russkii Ballad”

23th June-6th July

Darja Abdirova and NikaKupyrova

“Russkii Ballad”

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In this exhibition, Nika Kupyrova and Darja Abdirova will show work that concerns itself with the concept of Russia as a state: the importance of a patriotic and militant outlook, the conquest of space showing technological superiority, the red flag as a symbol for absolute loyalty.

As part of this evening, the short film “Absternakr” will be screened. The film is based on 4 short stories by Daniiel Kharms, a Russian Dadaist writer that was prohibited under Stalin.

9th-22nd June Vivien Opiolka "I Always Walk Your Way Into Town Now"

9th-22nd June

Vivien Opiolka

"I Always Walk Your Way Into

Town Now"

Closing Party 21/06/2008, 7pm

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This exhibition of new ‘moment photography’ explores projections and other strange connections we make to the land, plants and animals; maintaining that our life is an entirely cultural experience and geography defines our relations to each other.


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Artists! do you want to display your work or hold an event in a central gallery location during the Edinburgh festival?

TK is currently looking for submissions to consider for short exhibitions during August. If your exhibition can be put up in a day and taken down in a day and is exciting and interesting then please send your submissions to our email address

please put "august" in the subject line

all proposals must be received by 26th June .

Sunday, 8 June 2008

FREEPOST - Nikolaus Mantzios: 26th May-8th June

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Kali Katsouri, Nikos Mantzios, Rania Nikolopoulou, Tereza Papamichali, Yiorgos Taxiarchopoulos

FREEPOST is a group exhibition showcasing exchanged works and spontaneous networking attitudes between artists.

The artists’ appropriation of post as a medium and bridge for exchanging works and ideas, intends to create superfictional maps which mirror different social contexts and realities, scaled down to a personal level.


Submissions at the Forest


The Forest is constantly seeking to exhibit new and exciting works and welcomes submission for exhibitions, performances, workshops, events and also any curatorial ideas.

Any proposals we recieve are considered at the working group meeting which is held on the last thursday of every month at 7pm. In order to make this process as simple as possible we have come up with some submission guidelines.

If you would like to exhibit please post:

  • Your name
  • Telephone number/email
  • Description of what you do- We would like to hear what your work is about, its themes etc. One concise paragraph should be enough
  • Photos/examples of your work- Please attach at least 6 good quality images of previous work. If possible, please send images of the work you wish to exhibit. If you must provide links to work online please link to each image individually, not just to the site they are on. Please do not provide links to sites that require a log-on to enter.
  • Some ideas about how you'd like to lay it out- If you plan to create an installation in the space or have any special display requirements please describe your intentions in full, if possible provide supporting sketches. If you plan to exhibit with other artists, please send us images of their work also.
  • Whether you would like to exhibit in the cafe itself or in the gallery- There is also -plenty of other spaces for people to display their work, be it as a wall mural, a poster or others.
  • It is not necessary to submit your CV.

to: Totalkunst Gallery
3 Bristo Place

or e-mail: e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

please put "submission" followed by your name in the subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you.